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founders They always party together, so they created a drink that would never divide them! Sip as is or spike? That's up to you. A good time...that's up to us!

less sugar. less calories. more fun.

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As a non-drinker by choice, it’s just never been my thing… I always feel like options are fizzy water or sugary sodas and neither of those seem like a good time to me. Finally Soirée is everything I’ve been wishing for. 

Kansas City

All the non-alcoholic options I have tried either taste like alcohol or are full of things I have never heard of. I like that this is so flavorful and I recognize all the ingredients. It’s absolutely delicious and is my new go to drink of choice! 

Westfield, NJ

I’m so happy to find Soirée! At last something that tastes like an adult drinkbut without the alcohol. I can enjoy a drink without feeling I’m canceling out all my good work exercising and eating healthy...

Detroit, MI

I’m thrilled to have discovered Soirée! Finally, a drink that captures the essence of an adult beverage but without the alcohol. Now, I can savor a drink without compromising my fitness efforts and healthy eating habits...

Closter, NJ

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