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At Soirée we believe in partying together and that a drink choice will never divide us.

Non drinkers have categorically been left out of the party… choosing only from the boring, unhealthy or mundane… Soirée pledges to set you free from the iced tea.

It was essential for us to create a drink that felt like the life of the party. We created four fabulous flavors, each with their own personality, all lightly sparkling and all equally delicious.

We’re no stranger to a good mixer and we worked hard to develop elevated flavors that turn even the most challenged host into a master mixologist… Sip or spike… Soirée your way!

And whilst beauty is the eye of the (be)holder, and our cans are head tuners let’s face it, it’s even more important to be beautiful on the inside. Lower sugar, real juices, no ingredients you can’t pronounce, gluten free, alcohol free.

Simply put; Good clean fun. Life is a party and everyone’s invited! Sip Sip Soiree!